Fun With The Gang

 Our mission is to develop and sustain a world  class dental office. Our patients will recognize our emphasis on service, quality and tender touch as the best they have ever had. Each staff member is interested in personal growth and arrives each day to accomplish the above and have fun with patients and staff alike.

    We know when to be serious and when it's time to be silly. Our patients have stated that we are unlike any other dental office they had ever been to, some of which will even stop by just for coffee! We want to get to know you because having a good trusting relationship with your dental office really doesn't begin with your mouth, it's your mind! Please take a peak at the photos below and you'll get a small glimpse of who we are in and out of the office.


The Virginia Dental Meeting in Richmond, September 2019

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Dr. Sam Galstan VDA Presidential 80's Party

Virginia Dental Meeting 2019, Richmond

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 Dr. Benita Miller VDA Presidential Tennis Party

 Virginia Dental Meeting 2018, Homestead




Construction at our new Orange location, open as of May 1st, 2016.

We were so excited!




Virginia Dental Meeting, 2014

VDA President, Dr. Sherwin, imparting his wisdom with new dentists and students alike. 



Virginia Dental Meeting, 2014

Dr. Sherwin's Presidential Dinner "Under The Sea".

What a ride this year has been! We are so proud of you Dr. Sherwin! 

Virginia Dental Meeting, 2014

Mission Of Mercy Red Carpet



Virginia Dental Meeting, 2013

Dr. Kirk Knorbo 's Presidents Dinner "Get Your Shine On".

Next Year, it's all you Dr. Sherwin!




Dinner with "The Family" after a long day of induction and classes, VDA Meeting, 2013.



       Virginia Dental Meeting 2012, Dr. Wood-Stock and his flower children!



         Dr. and Mrs. Wood-Stock. Is everyone having fun yet?



           Dr. Sherwin rubbing elbows with the groovy people, for the upcoming 2012 VDA, Presidential Candidacy.

  Go Dr. Sherwin!


      ~ More photos coming soon! ~