Dr. Sherwin



Meet Dr. Sherwin

Dr. Ted Sherwin is currently a full-time general dentist in rural Orange, Virginia. As a solo 

practitioner he leads a 9 member team with two practice locations. Early in his career he 

developed a passion for ensuring all children have access to dental care. He has dedicated his 

professional career to treating under privileged children to help them achieve oral health for their 

lifetime. Over 38 years, he has treated thousands of children in his community through the 

“Smiles for Children” program.  

This dedication led to his involvement in dental organizations  

that help understand and eliminate the barriers that keep children from receiving oral health care. 

His many years of involvement led to Dr. Sherwin’s appointment as national Chair and Co- 

author of AGD’s “White Paper on Increasing Access to Dental Care”, which was influential in 

creating positive changes with both State and National legislators. 

Dr. Sherwin became a successful leader at the local, state, and national levels. He has served as 

President of his local component, state President of both the VDA and VAGD, and at the national 

level, as AGD Chair of Regional Directors, national Trustee, and Chairing the Futures 


As state President of the VAGD, Virginia won its first “Constituent of the Year” 

along with several other awards. As State Treasurer, the Virginia Dental Association became the 

first state to offer members the option of 12 monthly payments using credit cards with auto- 


He is currently serving in his 6th year as Treasurer of the American Dental Association 

where Dr. Sherwin oversees the ADA finances and develops the budget process. He was an early 

advocate for mission-based budgeting, future forecasting, and changing the roles of the House 

and the Board so that the House creates the Strategic Forecast, and the Board takes responsibility 

for the Budget.  

In addition to Dr. Sherwin helping to shepherd these changes through the ADA 

House of Delegates, as Treasurer, he has played a key role in the ADA’s successful response 

along with communicating the financial effects of the global COVID crisis. As a member of the 

ADA’s Search Committee, he helped find and select a new Executive Director, Dr. Ray Cohlmia. 

Dr. Sherwin is currently aiding in efforts to reimagine ADA’s future through mission-based 

accounting and accountability, strategic forecasting, safeguarding the long term financial 

sustainability of the ADA, and building trust and transparency through leadership 


Dr. Sherwin has been honored with fellowships in The Pierre Fauchard Academy, The American 

College of Dentist, The International College of Dentist, The Virginia Dental Association, and 

The Academy of General Dentistry. Other awards include several national and state Presidential 

Citations, a Special Service Award, as well as Virginia’s prestigious Distinguished Dentist 

Award, and Pierre Fauchard’s Academy’s top national award for contributions to organized 

dentistry: The Gold Metal Award. 

When not working in organized dentistry, he has been active in his church, a Rotarian of the Year 

award recipient; President of the Library Foundation; Chair of the Library Board; and serving on 

the School Board. 

Dr. Sherwin loves to travel the world and recording it through photography. His photographs 

have been front page covers on 15 professional journals, and the ADA News. He is also an avid 

world-wide SCUBA diver where he loves the excitement and adventure of underwater almost as 

much as his chosen profession. 



The Pierre Fauchard Academy, an international dental honorary organization, is proud to
announce that Dr. Ted Sherwin of Orange, VA has been selected as the 2023 recipient of the
Fauchard Gold Medal. The Fauchard Gold Medal is presented annually to a person who has
made outstanding contributions to the progress and standing of the dental profession.

Virginia Dental Association President, Dr. Benita Miller, surprising and then presenting the prestigious                                                          Manny Michael's Distinguished Dentist Award, to Dr. Sherwin. 


Our American Dental Association Treasurer, Dr. Sherwin, discussing the finances of the ADA in the                                                        Treasurer’s Address at the House of Delegates.