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 Our mission is to develop and sustain a world  class dental office. Our patients will recognize our emphasis on service, quality and tender touch as the best they have ever had. Each staff member is interested in personal growth and arrives each day to accomplish the above and have fun with patients and staff alike.

 Having said this, it is our biggest compliment when our patients refer their family and friends. We never take this for granted and always want to convey that to our patients. We love to hear those little words of endearment and encouragement. Below are just a few patients thoughts but feel free to contact us, as we would be happy to include yours as well!                                               


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Our youngest Rockstar brusher who also happens to be a second generation patient! What a compliment it is when a patient grows up in the practice and then brings their Littles to see you too!


 I needed new veneer work done and Dr. Sherwin is the only one who could replace painlessly and make them look natural. His group is so comforting and made me feel as if I were at a Day Spa! I have had so many people ask me about my teeth. I work with the public daily and smile a lot. Dr. Sherwin has made it possible for me to smile with even more pride. I thank him and his staff!

Logan, Orange Virginia



Momma, Jamie Penton, having her dental cleaning and exam, while little one watches and supervises.
Learning to brush!
I had a wonderful visit! Immediately upon arriving I was welcomed with a smiling face by Tina. She was very warm and friendly, and eager to make my visit easy and worry free. Bettina was amazing as well, she made my experience stress free. I didn't just feel like $ or a number coming through the door. Bettina was very thorough and explained everything she was doing. It is rare to find someone who loves what they do and is VERY good at it. I felt like I had known Bettina and Tina all my life. Dr. Sherwin came in and he was very personable and was very clear with a plan to get me back on track to healthy teeth. This visit to the dentist was a breath of fresh air compared to what I was previously used to with other practices. P.S. - My son had gotten sick with the flu on the ride to my appointment. Daddy left work and sat in the car with him. Tina and Bettina found out and gave me warm wash clothes, cleaning wipes and offered water and crackers for him. AmaZing!! In addition Tina found our car in the parking lot and offered to bring my husband coffee while he waited. All of you are amazing and I am thankful we found you to be our dentist. Pamela Goforth
Wonderful staff and place. I have never felt so comfortable in a dentist office!
K Roach Orange, VA


I was going to say something about the food being cold and the beer warm, but decided that if it got posted, some people might not realize that it was a joke. The front tooth was sore for about two hours to my surprise. Two aspirins took care of it and the pain never came back. Never had a twinge from the molar.

W Knix Locust Grove, VA



The receptionist listened to my needs(in pain), the hygienist was gentle yet thorough in her cleaning, the assistant was pleasant to talk to and has years of experience/skill, and is a delight to talk to, the dentist was attentive to my comfort level and dental needs. I didn't feel the lidocaine injections(shots),and after the procedure, when the numbness wore off, I was totally out of pain. No nerve pain afterward. I've had some really bad experiences other places. I must say, I'm very pleased with my dental experience at Dr. Sherwin's office's.

M Myers Locust Grove, VA




 Liesel (15 months) having her first "Happy Visit" with Dr. Sherwin.



Liesel, now, at her regular six month check before school. She gets so excited, mom says, when she comes to visit. She tells mom, "When I go to the dentist, I go into a room and lie down in a chair. They count my teeth and give me a toothbrush in a bag!".

Liesels little sister, Sage, at her first dental appointment.

Liesel and Sages mother, Anne, states "Dr. Sherwin is a fantastic family dentist. In addition to being wonderful with our children, Dr. Sherwin's office also keeps on top of mom and dad to make sure we also fit regular checkups into our busy lives. From accommodating my husband's work schedule to allowing me to bring my children to my cleaning appointments, Dr. Sherwin makes it easy to have a beautiful smile".

Anne Briggs




My relationship with Dr. Sherwin and his staff began over 25 years ago, when I was in very bad need of correcting some previous dental work. After some extensive research, I decided to see Dr. Sherwin. He certainly had the reputation of being the best dentist in the Washington, D.C. area and this has proven to be a correct assumption.

Dr. Sherwin is a perfectionist and will not accept anything but the best care for his patients. He worked out a program to get my gums and teeth in the best condition possible, and improved my smile with beautiful, cosmetic veneers. I get compliments on my smile all the time, even by other dentists and dental professionals!

We recently worked through two dental implants and my experience has been wonderful.

Dr. Sherwin and his staff are not only the best in their field, but they are very friendly and kind people. It is a joy for me to go to the dentist!

Betty Meadows




Dr. Sherwin was great to me! My daughter-in-law called the dental office 24 hours prior to me flying into the country from England. My front tooth broke and was going to have to travel that way.

Although I was not a patient of record, Dr. Sherwin and his staff made time for me as soon as I arrived. They were both professional and friendly.

Dr Sherwin did such a fantastic job fixing my tooth that my own dentist back home was very impressed and had plenty of questions about him!

I would highly recommend Dr. Sherwin and his office for your dental needs.

M. Gray




                                        "Don't our clean teeth look beautiful?"




After years of pain, apprehension and expense at the hands of other dentists, I found Dr. Sherwin and his marvelous team. I underwent extensive implant and restoration work and Dr. Sherwin guided the entire process with professionalism and friendly encouragement. I had a completely painless experience. Dr. Sherwin's expertise and gentle approach is equaled only by the office staff- a more caring and efficient group of dental assistants, hygienist and administrative personnel can not be found.

Dread going to the dentist? Never again, as long as I have Dr. Sherwin!

Janis Cromer





















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