Dr. Sherwin


Dr. Ted Sherwin practices general dentistry in Orange, Virginia, with the goal to treat each of his patients with kindness, respect, and a gentle touch.  He is known for his treatment of patients in need of complete restorative procedures such as partial and full mouth restorations with emphasis on cosmetic implants and function that are in tune with the mouth and it's neuromuscular system.

Dr. Sherwin graduated from VCU School of Dentistry and received additional education at the Pankey Institute, and studying under the world-renowned lecturer and author, Dr. Pete Dawson.

He is prestigiously honored by his peers:

  •     Fellow Of The Academy of General Dentistry
  •     Fellow Of The American College of Dentists
  •     Fellow Of The International College of Dentists
  •     Fellow Of The Pierre Fuchard Academy
  •     Fellow Of The Virginia Dental Association

Dr. Sherwin's pursuit of excellence and treatment of his patients is well known, as is his commitment to helping those in need. One of Dr. Sherwin’s passions is ensuring all children have access to dental care. He has dedicated his life to treating under privileged children to achieve oral health for a lifetime.  Over the last thirty years, he has treated thousands of children in his community through the "Smiles for Children" program.  He, his staff, and family have also participated in Mission of Mercy projects in South West Virginia. This dedication has lead to his involvement in dental organizations to help understand and eliminate the barriers that keep children from receiving oral health care. His many years of involvement lead to Dr. Sherwin’s appointment as national Chair and Co-author of dentistry’s first “White Paper on Increasing Access to Dental Care” The White Paper was influential with both State and National legislators.


Dr. Sherwin is a proud member of the American Dental Association, an association of 162,000 dentist dedicated to the success of its members  and support the advancement of the health of the public. Dr. Sherwin currently serves as the national Treasurer. He oversees the finances of the ADA and develops the budget process each year. He enjoys developing strategic forecasting that promotes long term financial stability and success of the national organization. 

Dr. Sherwin's previous experience in the Virginia Dental Association includes the Association's outreach programs to help the underserved as Chair of Access to Care Committee, and many leadership positions including President of the Virginia Dental Association, 7 years as Treasurer, and serving as State Chair of:  Rules and Regulations Committee, Annual Meeting Committees, Budget and Finance Committee. In 2018, Dr. Sherwin was honored to receive Virginia’s highest award, the Manny Michaels Distinguish Dentist Award.


While serving as President of the Virginia Academy of Dentistry, Dr. Sherwin credits his fellow board members for Virginia being awarded it's first "Constituent of the Year" award, along with four other awards.  With the encouragement from the Virginia Academy, he was elected to serve as AGD Regional Director, Chair of Regional Directors, and national Trustee and Chair of Future's Committee.  

  Additionally, he has served his community through Rotary, the Library Board, and the School Board.

Dr. Sherwin's other passions are his family ~ his wife Suzanne, his son, Dean, and niece Helen, who all work at the office (a true family practice!). Dr. Sherwin also loves reading, travel, SCUBA diving, and photography.  Dr. Sherwin's travel photography has been displayed on thirteen national professional journals, the front page of the ADA News, and in numerous publications associated with nearby Montpelier, home of James and Dolly Madison.  He and his son, Dean, are both Master Level SCUBA divers and love the excitement and adventure of life underwater almost as much as his chosen profession!


Virginia Dental Association President, Dr. Benita Miller, surprising and then presenting the prestigious Manny Michael's Distinguished Dentist Award, to Dr. Sherwin. 


Our American Dental Association Treasurer, Dr Sherwin, discussing the finances of the ADA in the Treasurer’s Address at the House of Delegates.