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Dr. Bradley Hammitt, was born and raised in the great white north, in Buffalo, New York.  Realizing that there was more to life than just shoveling snow, he and his family migrated to Virginia.

While in Virginia, he completed his undergraduate education at Liberty University, in Lynchburg, V.A. 

After graduating with distinction, with a degree in Biology, he pursued his professional, dental education at Virginia Commonwealth University, in Richmond.  During his time at VCU, he was involved in research with the department of orthodontics, and received a nationally recognized A.D. Williams Scholarship, to pursue that research; which culminated in a presentation at the AADR Annual session in Charlotte, N.C., during his junior year. 

In addition, Dr. Hammitt also was recognized in both his junior and senior years by the department of General Practice for excellence in patient care, didactic, and clinical skill.  He received an award from the American Association of Public Health Dentistry during his senior year, acknowledging his drive, interest, and efforts in promoting healthcare for underserved and underprivileged patients.  

Dr. Hammitt was involved with mission projects to bring dentistry to those in need during his time at VCU, and continues to do so in Dr. Sherwin’s practice.  Their next venture will be Dr. Sherwin’s yearly trip to Wise County, where they join many practitioners of all fields, who donate their skills to those less fortunate.  Dr. Hammitt has served in Wise before, as well as with fellow classmates and dentists in Suffolk VA.

Dr. Hammitt enjoys spending time with friends outside of work, most of their time spent orbiting activities like gaming of all kinds and sports. 

He is excited to get to know the residents of Orange, and will make new friends while living in the town itself, as well as becoming a member of a church in the area. 

Dr. Hammitt’s time at VCU was a greatly enriching experience, and he is excited to bring the skills and knowledge gained there, to the great town of Orange.


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